Discover what made Fay J. Durrant create a custom wine label in Texarkana, TX

When Fay J. Durrant bought his first bag-making machine in the '80s, he knew he had stumbled onto something special, that was small quantity printed paper bags. As he learned more about the wine business, he made it his mission to create custom label wine, where a case could have four different varietals. After discovering the lack of wineries in the area, Fay J. decided to fill a niche of custom label wine.

Today, Fay J. continues to sell custom wine cases and support the Texarkana, TX community. To find out more about Fay J Winery and our commitment to creating good wine, reach out to us today. We're always happy to answer your questions.

Get to know Fay J.

Get to know Fay J.

Before Fay J. created his custom wine label, he was already well-known by locals for his other business endeavors. As a proud resident of Texarkana, Fay J.:

  • Owned a local hockey team: The Texarkana Bandits even went on to place second one year at nationals.
  • Served as president of the local rotary club: He made it part of his mission to give back and promote goodwill.
  • Started a bag business: He became known as "The Bag Man" as his products grew in popularity.

No matter what new goal he's set out to accomplish, Fay J. works hard to draw from the life lessons and experiences he's encountered over the years. Fay J Winery is committed to upholding his legacy of excellence as we create custom wine cases for the Texarkana, TX area.

Learn about Fay J.'s Life

Fay J.'s life has been eventful, even before he started his successful custom wine label, Fay J Winery, in Texarkana, TX. He was born in Laredo, TX and spent much of his life traveling around the country. Some of his favorite travel destinations include Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and California. In 1982, he created Fay J Packaging in Memphis, TN. He then moved the company to Texas in 1989, where he got the nickname "The Bag Man."

Since then, he created his famous winery and has been involved in civic work to give back to the local community. He's been presented several awards throughout the years, including the C.E. Palmer award, which was given to him by the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce in 2016. To learn more about Fay J. and his custom wine label, get in touch with us today.